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Hospitality @ Home: The Frost-pocalyse

> When a little boy I know turned three yesterday, I volunteered to make the cake. Or cupcakes, as it turned out. This was the same child who shot through the door for our New Year’s Day brunch with a Thomas the tank engine under one arm, a car under […]

Public School 612

Allegash White on draft at Public School 612 If the American Culinary Landscape could be expressed as a music scene, New York would be Opera, with the all grand stages, high stakes, high$$$, and divas-dive-bombing-one-another associated with it. Chicago would have to be jazz, featuring lots of improvisation on common […]

Hospitality at Home: Wedding Bells

I’m going to be catering my lovely sister’s wedding in May (!), along with making the wedding cake (!!). So I’ve been testing a lot of recipes. Here’s a peek into my recent culinary adventures. Heirloom LA’s version of the lasagna cupcake I started off with an appetizer. Well, appetizer, […]

What would Danny Meyer Do?

It is impossible to manage a restaurant anywhere in the United states without the name of Danny Meyer coming up at some point. His name is tossed around in restaurant management meetings on a regular basis. Snippets of his book “Setting the Table” are passed around as internal memos. Most […]


Opportunities for Improvement

A couple of days ago, during a lunch rush, a guest confronted me at the host desk. “I need to talk to the manager.” What can I do for you? I said. “You’re the manager?” he sneered. (which always bugs me. Because I’m a woman, or maybe I have one […]