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Restaurant 101: Reservations about… Reservations.

In this age of instant digital gratification, the reservation is quick becoming an endangered species. “But wait,” you say, “I always use my opentable app to book a table at least 30 minutes before I show up anywhere!” While that’s a great idea, it’s not really a reservation; that’s a […]

Restaurant 101: Table at 8:00?

It’s a continuous struggle in the running of restaurants, balancing the desire of guests to dine at 8:00pm, while maintaining standards of service. You may see a virtually empty dining room when you walk into a given restaurant at 8:00pm some Thursday night. The host may advise that there will […]

Closing the Place Down…

  I read stuff that is not always food related….Okay, so it was the “10 Best New Restaurants” Issue of GQ, but at least 70% of the issue is not about dining. The cover story, for example, is a profile of decidedly non-food personality Ryan Gosling. It’s written in one […]

Restaurant 101: It’s Complicated

It’s a contentious question in the operation of a restaurant, when to comp or not to comp? Is it better to send an appetizer or dessert to a guest who dines with you frequently, or to bank those freebies to compensate for errors made during service? Each restaurant is different. […]

Who’s Picking up the Bill?

Q: I have been to this “fine dining” restaurant a bunch of times. The owner knows me and my usual dinner-date. We almost always have a bottle of wine, two entrees and either an app or a dessert. We tip well. We went last week, and my date ordered the […]