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>New Segment!

> Three years ago, just after I moved to Los Angeles, a girlfriend invited me out to dinner in Silverlake. The space was gorgeous, with lots of character, and the menu hit all the right local-sustainable-farm-to-table notes. It was early, because we had 8:00 plans, and so the dining room […]

Restaurant 101: Valentine’s Day Tips

The Holidays with a capital H have passed, but Valentine’s Day is lurking around the corner– like a girl who’s high-maintenance-but-thinks-she’s-low-maintenance– just daring you to mess it up. Score high marks (for dinner, anyway), with these tips: ·      Book Now: Want that table at 8:00? Your best bet is to […]

Simple Sunday Dinner

After a week (& weekend) filled with work and social obligations of various forms, Sunday Supper can sort of … slip away from me. Over the past few months, this simple pasta and salad combo has become my go-to because it is fresh and delicious, inexpensive, and comes together easily. […]

Hospitality @ Home: Fizz….

I just received my first kitchen gift of the holiday season from the owners of the restaurant I manage; a Sodastream soda maker! I had, actually, looked at these a few weeks ago as a gift for a friend who’s soda habit has hit 6-8 cans a day. But then […]

Hospitality @ Home: Holiday Sangrias

  While finishing up the liquor room inventory at the restaurant earlier this week, I was re-introduced to the shelf of disgestifs, eau de vie, and fortified wines that don’t get as much love as the Citrus Vodkas and Jack Daniels. You know, the decorative bottles with intimidating names like […]