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Restaurant 101: Scarlet Letters… or Blue…

As I was wolfing down my coffee and Nutella Toast a couple of mornings ago, I happened upon a clip from the Today show in which a health inspector checked out a local Bake Sale Diva’s kitchen. The curmudgeonly, mustachio-ed inspecter hurrumphed at her open lightbulb above the stove, advised […]

Restaurant 101: What is Sidework?

So, what is Sidework? This question has come up in conversation a few times since I began this blog, so I thought I’d address it in a little more detail. Sidework is restaurant jargon for the tasks that are required to prepare the place for public enjoyment. Think of it […]

>Hospitality @ Home: It’s Christmas Time in the City…

>I cannot wait to put up Christmas decorations. I wanted to put these up the day after Halloween, but the Gent gracefully suggested that wait at least 25 more days. I definitely enjoy Christmas, but I think the motivation to put up decorations comes more from geography. Here in Los […]

ummm… gross.

No. No. No. No. I was very disturbed to read on the Huffington Post Food section some recipes for creating cocktails from human breast milk. Tony Sachs, the mixologist in question, was sort of jumping on a weird band wagon with chef Daniel Angerer, who had caused a stir by […]

Hospitality @ Home: The Maple Manhattan…

> If you thought I was just making up the “Maple Manhattan” from the previous post for alliterative effect, you would be right. But then I decided to really make it up.  Enlisting my friend Michael Shearin, Sommelier & beverage director of Drago Centro in Los Angeles, as a sounding […]