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The Overstuffed Thanksgiving Post…(part 1…)

From the blustery, gold-leafed Northeast to the sun-kissed coast of  California, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. As the tell-tale gobbling draws closer, even the best of us question why we ever agreed to host Thanksgiving Dinner in the first place. The in-laws are coming in to town with Everest-level […]

Hospitality @ Home: Caramel Weather

It’s November in Los Angeles, and in a fierce attempt to super-impose Autumn on the 87 degree weather, I made the Salted Pumpkin Caramels that have become an obsession from Food52. In addition to looking pleasingly rustic, they also gave me an idea for a Thanksgiving cocktail using the same […]

Hospitality @ Home: The Perfect Cup for Coffee

Three years ago, in the heat of my move to Los Angeles with The Gentleman, I did a terrible thing. A thing that has hung over our relationship like a grey raincloud over Eeyore. I gave away the perfect coffee mugs, for which The Gent had scavenged and scrounged, refusing […]

Restaurant 101: Biting the Hand That Feeds You…

A comment on the Angry Chef Ron Eyester’s “Six Ways Customers Tick Off Chefs”. Since the thing was posted on’s Eatocracy, Monday 10/11, the Angry Chef’s words have caused a firestorm of commentary in my dining room as well as on the web. The most disturbing part of the […]

Hospitality @ Home: When a Turkey Runs You Over…

When I think about hospitality, what it is, what it requires, I think about holiday dinners at my parents’ house. It seems, obvious, I know, to wax nostalgic about Midwestern childhood dishes and their inevitable companions (ice! Fireplaces! Piles of leaves and hot apple cider!), but this is not one […]