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Hospitality @ Home: Picking a potluck dish

It’s the season for cookouts, and if you are anything like me, you cannot go to someone’s house without bringing something to contribute. But what to bring? Here are a couple of tips for potluck and cookout dishes: 1Bring a dish that you know is delicious. Even if,  when you […]

Restaurant Etiquette: Children in the Dining Room

As the classic 1980’s ballad goes, children are the future. And there are many things that we ought to teach them well, one of which is how to co-exist in a shared space with other people. Some of my favorite guests in restaurants are precocious little gourmands, but there are […]

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Recipe: Skillet Steak for Dad (or Anybody)

Cooking a steak is more a technique than a recipe, and learning to do it correctly is well worth your time. If you’re anything like me, you’ll learn by trial and error. Which can be hard when you are dealing with an expensive ingredient like steak. The Best Steak for […]

Restaurant 101: Bussers and Backwaiters

Bussers and backwaiters are both dining room– “front of house”– staff in a restaurant. They perform service that does not include taking orders, pouring wine, or delivering drinks from the bar. They clear tables, refill water, perform bread service, and reset tables between guests. Sometimes they will ‘mark’ tables, i.e. […]

Recipe: Mozzarella Stick Mac n’ cheese

Macaroni and cheese is hands down my all time favorite dish. I’ll eat it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, any day of the year. From the Kraft blue box to potluck macaroni casseroles, I love them all. I also love the leftovers. Which is exactly what inspired this dish. I was […]