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Ombre Cake
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Hospitality @ Home: Ombre Cake

From the teaser on project runway touting the coolness of Ombre, to Guilana Rancic’s hair it seems that Ombre is everywhere you look. Ever since this photo showed up on pinterest, the blogosphere has become obsessed with Ombre Cake.  They are everywhere.  I decided to test the idea in my […]

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Neighborhood Favorites

I love my neighborhood. I live right on the cusp of Hollywood and Los Feliz, off of Griffith Park, and a hop & skip from Silverlake. Here’s a list of my favorite places in the area: 1. McCall’s Meat & Fish Owned by a couple of chefs, Nathan McCall and […]

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Horchata (cha-cha-cha)

Horchata  is a controversial beverage. A beloved agua fresca, traditional in Spain and Central & South America—Its sweet milky refreshment is ladled out of glass pitchers the size of a small child on the hottest days, its starchy backbone quells the burn of the spiciest foods. Is it just rice? […]