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Restaurant 101: Holiday Party Survival Tips

Judging by the number of revelers I have in my restaurant right now– this is THE WEEK of company holiday parties. Here are a few tips from the inside to help you make it through unscathed (and without scathing any of the staff): 1. Check out the menu before you […]

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Share Plate: Hostages of Happy Hour?

Trot into the bar of any dining establishment that teeters on the edge of casual and fine dining on a Monday through Friday between the hours of 4pm-7pm, and you’re at ground zero of a daily battle. Happy Hour. It should be simple, right? After work drinks and a snack […]

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A Question of Service…

A few days ago, Tim and Nina Zagat wrote on the Huffington Post that the hospitality industry should consider developing a ‘service degree’ that could be ‘taught on-line.’ It’s an interesting idea. Tim and Nina, powerhouses in the hospitality industry that they are, have no experience running a restaurant, however. […]