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Who’s Picking Up the Bill?

“We returned to our regular restaurant for the consistently good food and friendly service. I ordered a medium-well burger.  It arrived charred and dry. I pointed to the burger and asked the waitress if this is considered ‘med-well’, and she said yes.  I told her to ask the manager.  Manager […]

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Restaurant 101: Bummer.

I was skeptical about the reality competition show “America’s Next Great Restaurant” from the first episode. Not only could they not manage to spell restaurateur correctly , they were not really talking about opening a restaurant. The fast-casual concepts they were exploring all fit much better under the category of […]

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>New Segment!

> Three years ago, just after I moved to Los Angeles, a girlfriend invited me out to dinner in Silverlake. The space was gorgeous, with lots of character, and the menu hit all the right local-sustainable-farm-to-table notes. It was early, because we had 8:00 plans, and so the dining room […]