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women making a salad

5 Amazing Gifts for home cooks in 2020

There was a time when talking about gift buying before Halloween made me roll my eyes. But, in the age of COVID, you can’t make your gift-buying plans too early. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Yule, Kwanzaa, or Solstice, you probably have a few home cooks in your life. These […]

two person holding pinkies

We’re all in this Together–

In the Era of Social Distancing due to COVID-19, there is a lot on everyone’s mind. The hospitality industry, in particular, is being hit incredibly hard right now. There are, however, things we can do– whether we are restaurant workers or restaurant guests– to help keep one another afloat. Stay […]

Restaurant 101: Mignardises

Mignardises– [Min-yar-deez] a parting gift from the chef. small sweet bites served at the end of a meal. Usually after dessert. Typical mignardise are chocolate truffles, bite size pates de fruit, macarons. The word derives from the French word for “cute.” The legend is that once upon a time in […]

Restaurant Ettiquette: Closing Time

Before I ever set foot in Paris, I had learned from watching various films that there are two types of people; those who prefer to walk the streets of Paris in the rain and those who prefer the streets while dry. I find myself on team rainy-Paris (yes, I am […]


How to Split the Bill at a Restaurant

Do you dread the Post-Dinner Credit Card Duel? Here are some tips to ensure you are the winner every time: 1. Don’t ask the server to decide which credit card to take at the end of meal. We’ve all seen and heard the haggling at a table after the check […]