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Hospitality @ Home: Home Party Set Up with Bar

At the very least, separate the bar/ beverage area from the food area. Browsing a buffet is a different speed than dashing off a martini or pouring a glass of Chianti. Plus beverage areas involve sloshing, splashing, ice, lemon wedges, and all manner of things that you wish to keep […]

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Restaurant 101: Sommelier

So Moll Yay. So what is a so-moll-yay? A wine expert. Some have accreditations from the Court of Master Sommeliers or the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, though some merely have battle-tested palates and an encyclopedic knowledge of oenology from the school of hard knocks. Many sommeliers work for restaurants, […]

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Picnic Perfect Wines

What is a summer picnic without wine? I saw these at the supermarket the other day, and they seem perfect. Four individual cups of wine are sealed and stacked in a plastic sleeve.  Currently, Stacked wine makes Chardonnay, Merlot, and Pinto Grigio.  The cups are actually a fancy sort of […]