Frito. Chili. Pie.

Sooner Comfort Food. Dressed up Frito Chili Pie… and yes, that is an OKC Thunder inspired manicure….

I first enjoyed Frito Chili Pie on a camping trip in middle school.  There, we pulled the top off of a can of Wolf brand chili and tucked it into the coals of a campfire. Then we slashed an ‘X’ into the belly of a bag of Frito’s Corn Chips, poured the chili right on top, and crowned the whole thing with a handful of cheddar cheese.   To say it is a humble dish would be to elevate Frito Chili Pie, really, but you know what? It is super tasty.  And, until last summer, you could get it at Sonic Drive-In, my favorite fast food place from growing up in Oklahoma City. It’s even better when you say it the Okie way– freed-o chili pah. Try it. You can’t say it without smiling.

I’m going to blow your mind for a minute, but guess what? Fritos are gluten-free, and only have three ingredients. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

While I am sure that Frito Chili Pie has been created on many campsites and college dorm rooms, to me it will always be Sooner Comfort Food.

When I learned that the Gent had never had it, well…. I decided to recreate it, only slightly elevated.

The first thing you need with a grown-up Frito Chili pie is a great chili base.  I started with the Cook’s Illustrated “Our Favorite Chili” version, and tweaked from there.

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