Restaurant 101

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Restaurant 101, Restaurant Etiquette

Restaurant 101: Maitre’ d

Maitre d’ (May-truh dee) From the French maitre d’ hotel, which means, essentially, ‘Master of the House.’ Typically this title is unisex, applying to men or women in the position, as the feminized “Mistress of the house” has, *ahem*, un-egalitarian connotations. In the restaurant, the ‘House’ has two sides; the […]

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Restaurant 101

Restaurant 101: Marking

Mark– verb. The act of setting a table with the appropriate utensils for the next course. “Desserts are up for table four, have they been marked?” “Yes, everyone has coffee spoons and dessert forks” Usually marking is performed by the server, though in some establishments the duty is shared equally […]

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Restaurant 101, What is sidework

Restaurant 101: Server

Servers. Waiters. So ubiquitous that it seems silly to “define” what a server is, but here we go. A server is a lot of things, a factotum with an incredible memory, an entertainer, a clairvoyant, an efficiency expert, a marathon walker, a dextrous tray carrier. But more than anything, a […]

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Restaurant 101

Hospitality @ Home: Polishing

Polishing is one of the most common sidework tasks in a restaurant. Every glass and piece of silverware must be buffed free of water spots before it goes into the dining room. Polishing can be a tricky business, but it is worth doing and home, and worth doing well. First […]

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Restaurant 101

Restaurant 101: What’s in a Name?

Names of restaurants are more than mere assemblies of culinary words cleverly tossed together. The name of a restaurant can tell you everything from the hours of operation, the size of the staff, and how the wine will be presented. I say CAN because– as with most things with historical […]