Sneak Peak– Picnic recipes

basic tomato basil bruschetta
the simplest Bruschetta recipe you’ll ever make… former chef at the National Gallery of Art in D.C taught this to me years ago, and it’s been staple ever since
garlic ginger dry rub
ingredients for a garlic-ginger dry rub
Picnic Sherpa
The Gent carrying the picnic basket for me….
spicy sweet toasted almonds
I am obsessed with these toasted almonds. I love mixing them with kale chips, too, for a guilt-free crunchy snack
olives and almonds
can’t get simpler than a jar of Caselvetrano olives with toasted almonds, sea salt, and olive oil
picnic spread
the picnic spread
garlic ginger picnic chicken
garlic ginger oven-roasted picnic chicken
garlic ginger chicken
chicken, pre-oven
Barnsdall art park wine tasting
great location for a picnic– Barnsdall Art Park Friday night wine tasting

Just to whet your appetite for some upcoming recipes–

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