Hospitality @ Home: The Perfect Cup for Coffee

Three years ago, in the heat of my move to Los Angeles with The Gentleman, I did a terrible thing. A thing that has hung over our relationship like a grey raincloud over Eeyore. I gave away the perfect coffee mugs, for which The Gent had scavenged and scrounged, refusing all other mugs until he found them.
This was all before my time, however, so when I was packing up the house and hit that “I can’t wrap another piece of glassware in newspaper or I will scream” wall, it seemed like a small shortcut to gift the mugs to our friend who had a theatre company and would need an endless supply of props.
The thing that made them perfect props, was also the thing that made them the perfect coffee cup, AND ridiculously crazy to find again.
They were pure white, eggshell finish, 12 ounces, with a C-handle that was the same width all the way down, so the 6’3” Gent’s paws were comfortably accommodated.
Who knew that NO ONE makes these anymore?
For three years, all I have found are mugs that come thiiiiis close, but the handle narrows at the bottom (like an ear rather than a “c”), or they are only 8 ounces, or they are 20 ounces, or they have a fussy design somewhere.
Three Years. Three years, I have lived in purgatory.
But then, perusing the aisles of a restaurant supply store in Beverly & Fairfax, I found these from Palate and Plate:
Pure white? Check.
Not to shiny? Check.
Handle that fits enough fingers for optimal grippage? CHECK.
Nothing fussy, nothing goofy, nothing girly? Check, check, check.
So…. They are only 10.5 ounces rather than 12… maybe he’ll be so happy he won’t notice…..

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